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To contact a local FWAG Group see below:


FWAG South East

Tel: 01483 810887 / 07713 333182          

Email: shaun.page@fwagadvice.co.uk

Website: www.fwagadvice.co.uk


FWAG East (Cambs, Herts Essex & Beds)

Tel: 01223 841507

Email: hello@fwageast.org.uk

Website: www.fwageast.org.uk


FWAG South West (including Herefordshire)

Tel: 01823 660 684

Email: admin@fwagsw.org.uk

Website: www.fwagsw.org.uk


Norfolk FWAG

Tel: 01603 814869

Email: advice@norfolkfwag.co.uk

Website: www.norfolkfwag.org


East Midlands FWAG

Email: info@eastmidlandsfwag.co.uk

Website: www.eastmidlandsfwag.co.uk


Chris Seabridge & Associates Limited (West Midlands)

Tel 01785 710564

Email: info@chrisseabridge.co.uk

Website: www.chrisseabridge.co.uk


Suffolk FWAG

Tel: 01728 748030

Email: tim.schofield@suffolkfwag.co.uk      

Website: www.suffolkfwag.co.uk


To contact the FWAG Association email: hello@fwag.org.uk

















Cropped Hare C Loades


Image credits to Chris Loades and members of the FWAG Association.

Our ecosystems provide important services; not lea

The FWAG Association is pleased to be working in partnership with GWCT and LEAF.






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