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Countryside Stewardship

If you have an ELS or HLS agreement which is due to expire in the next year or so, do not fret – we can help!


Natural England’s new Countryside Stewardship is open between 1st July and 30th September 2015, for agreements starting on 1st January 2016. If you have an expiring ELS agreement in either 2015 or early 2016 then now is the time to look at your options for entering a new five-year scheme.


Similarly, if your ELS/HLS agreement expires in 2016, a little forward-planning now will go a long way to ensuring a smooth transition through to the new scheme.


Now that greening requirements are on the ground and BPS forms are off our desks, this may well serve as a good opportunity to get to grips with the new Stewardship schemes.


Stewardship schemes remain the best mechanism for delivering real environmental benefits onto our farmland, and at FWAG we are passionate about helping farmers to achieve sustainable and profitable farming businesses. We are available to give expert advice on the following topics that are of particular relevance to the farming industry now:






Goldfinch crop Credit C Loades

•Applying for the new Countryside Stewardship – Mid-Tier, Higher Tier and Capital Grant


•Higher-Tier ‘Expressions of Interest’ forms (this year’s deadline for submission was 15th July 2015)


•EFA’s and Greening for 2016 – plan after harvest and be prepared


For farmers who do have expiring ELS or HLS agreements our advice is to take action now! Feel free to email hello@fwag.org.uk or contact your local FWAG.

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